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Yoga for Better Sex (Tips and Asanas)

Yoga has obvious benefits as regards human flexibility and general health. One of the not so obvious benefits of doing regular yoga is an increase in sexual enjoyment and appetite for both sexes plus a definite increase in performance for men. In the following article, we’ll cover the ways you can use Yoga for better sex.

A yogic diet will leave your body alkaline, which will aid the productions of sex hormones and pheromones. Pheromones are hugely important for attraction, before or during sex. Hormones are responsible for proper desire and performance. The fresh vegetables and fruits will cause your body to feel light and energetic, and increase your appetite for pleasure.

Calm Mind

A lot of unsatisfying sexual sessions are caused by mental image of the body. People get lost in worrying about how they look in that light or pose, or how they sound. It’s almost guaranteed to spoil an orgasm. An orgasm is an intensely private moment of euphoria that is celebrated by your body. Self love is a key ingredient to this. Yoga asanas will help you be proud of your body, in every stage. The mental focus in meditation will help you feel every sensation in your body stronger. Better sex is a natural result.

Yoga is also greatly beneficial for the nervous system. A damaged nervous system has been found to play a role in Erectile Dysfunction and problems with sensations in females. Proper Pranayama exercises will help your nervous system and yoga provides all kinds of chakra balancing flows with focus on the glands. All of the glands in the endocrine system need to perform well, but the adrenal gland is the gland that produces the sex hormones. Targeted yoga practice will gently compress and decompress these organs which help regulate secretions.

Yoga asanas provide exercises for the pelvic floor muscles and core area. A strong pelvic floor will definitely enhance performance and stability. In women, they help in releasing the proper lubrication at the right times, among other things.

Core workouts associated with increased testosterone.

The ‘Root Lock’ (Mula Bandha) practiced in yoga is basically kegel workouts. To do the root lock, try and contract and hold the muscles at the bottom of your torso. You can feel these muscles if you try to stop yourself from urinating. Another way to do this is to clench your anus slowly. The muscles that you feel contract prior to your actual anus contracting are the muscles you want to hold. Applying the Mula Bandha throughout your practice will give your pelvic floor a highly effective workout, while increasing circulation and massaging organs. Practice becoming natural with the Root Lock first, then apply it to these asanas. As always, practice mental focus at all times.

Some asanas that affect this area are as follows:

a girl performing the Cat Cow Stretch in yoga for a healthy spine and to cure arthritis pain

Cat Cow Stretch

A girl doing Warrior III Pose as a part of her fitness routine

Warrior III Pose

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend also known as Straddle pose

A girl performing Plow Pose as a part of her fitness routine

Plow Pose

A girl doing Revolved Seated Forward Bend Pose as a part of her fitness routine

Revolved Seated Forward Bend Pose

A girl doing Pigeon Pose as a part of her fitness routine

Pigeon Pose

Yoga and Mind

For good sex, the first and foremost need is a good mental connection, yoga builds that. There are other benefits as well that are not to be underestimated of doing regular yoga. Use the newfound flexibility to try new positions. Certain positions actually do build your pleasure. Use the strong core for strong thrusts as well as “gyrating” motions, which can open up a new world.

Physical touch increases serotonin and dopamine levels. These are the feel good chemicals. Yoga practice increases serotonin production. Even the voice control that is practiced during chanting teaches the body how to relax sphincters which can be helpful in solving certain sexual problems.

The benefits are endless. Yoga is the perfect union of the mind and body, and the fulfillment experienced with good sex comes as a result of this union. Just basic everyday practice will show you the sensuality in yoga for yourself. Yoga is no doubt better for sex. Yoga teaches you to love yourself, love your body. Sex is just the celebration of the fact.

Yoga allows you to feel free in your own skin, and really appreciate the love that someone is showing you, by being able to love yourself as well.
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