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Yoga Flow For Great Looking Abs

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This yoga flow for abs is designed to work with the whole abdominal region and will give you great looking abs and build your core strength at the same time!

Abs are used to being in use all the time. They work harder and typically recover faster than your other muscles. The best way to work them out is to completely wear them out without straining them too hard. To be honest your ab workout should not be a long workout. If you've spent thirty mins doing your ab workout then you are not working them hard enough or taking too long rests between movements. You want to aim for a short intense workout until you can move no more. That is the fastest way to get abs to build up strength. To gain definition in the abdominal region, cardio is the best and fastest solution. For that reason we have designed a flow that combines aspects of Ashtanga and Vinyasa to give you complete targeted workout.

Perform this routine every alternate day for maximum results. You need the one day in between to give the muscles time to recover and grow. This is where the gains happen. As always with any yoga flow, start off with 10 Suryanamaskars to properly warm up the whole body.

The Yoga Flow

Half Boat Pose

You should always work your abs from the bottom up. While you concentrate on moving lower body against resistance (gravity), the upper abs also help in aligning and stabilizing, hence giving them a workout as well. The order you should follow is lower abs, obliques, then upper abs. Keeping that in mind lets start off with the Boat pose.

Downward Dog Pose

Once completed, position yourself in the Downward dog pose. You are going to lift each leg up as high as it can go one at a time. Treat this as a stretch pose and repeat the leg raises 5 times for each side. Take it slow and really stretch the abs to prepare them for the upcoming hold.

One Leg Downward Dog Pose

Next, the Warrior Pose. This pose should be held for at least 10 in and out breath cycles or more. Repeat for each leg.

Side Plank Pose

Next, lets target the obliques. Hold the Side Plank pose for at least 10 breath cycles or more.

Child Pose

We are going to take a break from the yoga flow and let the abs rest for a moment in the Child Pose. Breath deeply but gently. Expand and collapse your diaphragm with each breath.

Next up is the Cat-Cow pose. Use this one as a stretch pose. Move slowly, feeling each muscle.

For the next hold, we are going to work with the Plank Pose. Maintain alignment, don't let your lower back drop. Hold for 10 cycles or more.

Let's move onto the Boat pose. You can maintain the beginner Boat Pose or raise the legs and hands for more difficulty if desired. Hold this pose for 10 cycles or more.

Boat Pose

Almost done ! We are going to come up to our feet and stretch the obliques once because in balance poses like the ones above, the supporting muscles become highly important and get stressed. Stay in the stretch for a breath or two before moving to the other side. Repeat once for each side. This is the Chair pose with side twist

Chair Pose (Side Twist)

Finally, we finish in the Corpse pose. a great pose for overall relaxation. Rest in this pose for as long as you need. The point is to let all the muscle tension drain out. Mentally focus on relaxing the muscles that you have worked so hard.

This beginner yoga flow for abs will develop your abdominal area by supporting your muscles in a gentle and non damaging manner. You can always increase the hold time for higher intensity if required. Start your practice today for toned abs.

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