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Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation)

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Suryanamaskar is a yoga routine with 12 poses all performed one after another in a sequence. It is a full body routine and targets all the large muscle groups, which makes it a great part of your weight loss routine. The heart opening postures along with the breathing flow help detoxify your blood, and oxygenate the brain.

Along with the many varied benefits of yoga, performing Suryanamaskar at the correct time of sunrise will help in Vitamin D absorption leading to increased bone health. This routine will also help regulate the menstrual cycle and the abdominal stretches help with period pains. However, refrain from doing suryanamaskar during periods.

Prayer Pose

Prayer pose

Start upright with hands at the sides. Maintain good posture. Stand straight. Bring your hands together in front to of your chest in a prayer gesture while inhaling on the way up and exhaling when the hands meet.

Standing Backbend Pose

Raised Arms Pose

Keeping the palms together, take a deep breath and lift your arms fully up and engage the spine by bending back. Do not fold. Keep a tight core and spine. Keep your arms close to your ears and bend your body at the back. This pose is also knows as the Extended Mountain Backbend Pose.

Standing Forward bend Pose

From the previous position, start a slow exhale and during the exhale bend forward with the aim of touching the floor. However, do not let the spine fold. Keep a straight back and straight legs.

Low Lunge Pose

Lunge Pose

Bend your knees slightly now so that the palms can rest on the floor. Take a deep breath. From this position bring your right knee up and place the foot between your hands while extending the left leg straight back. Make sure the right knee is directly above the right heel. Tuck your left toes in,

and raise your head to do a backbend, and exhale. This pose is also known as the Equestrian pose.

Plank pose

Inhale while bringing the right leg back to match with he left. Ensure spine and legs are straight. Keep your shoulders directly above your arms. Keep your arms straight.

Plank pose

Eight Limbed Pose

Slowly lower your knees till they touch they ground. Then keeping your hips raised, lower your chest till it your chest touches the ground between your palms. Lower your chin to the ground as well. This move is accompanied with a slow exhale.

8 Limbed Pose

Cobra Pose

Lightly drag your torso forward while keeping knees and legs where they are and lowering the hips. Take a breath and while keeping the hips and stomach on the ground raise your upper body and head up with your arms.

Upward facing dog

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Exhale and raise your hips backwards keeping your arms and legs straight, so that your body resembles an inverted V. Keep your head pointed at the ground while you look toward your legs.

Downward Dog Pose

Lunge pose

Go back to the Lunge pose( Equestrian pose) by inhaling and bringing your right leg forward Maintain the left leg stretched back and raise your head to look forward and exhale.

Low Lunge Pose

Standing Forward Bend

Inhale as you bring the left leg forward and the exhale as you let your body slowly settle into the forward bend. Try to maintain proper form with straightened legs and spine.

Standing Forward Bend

Raised Arms Pose ( Backbend )

Inhale as you raise your body and arms, while keeping the hands together. Continue until you are in the back bend posture with arms above your head.

Standing Backbend Pose

Prayer Pose

Slowly exhale as you straighten your body and bring your hands back to your chest with palms touching. This marks the end of Suryanamaskar.

Prayer Pose

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