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Sattvic recipes #1: Lemon Rice

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

In our Sattivic recipe series we are going to provide a variety of recipes to show you that sattvic food can be wonderful and tasty, while providing all the benefits of following Ayurvedic principles. For this article we chose a staple known as Lemon rice. It is a pretty easy and quick preparation. Once you have cooked rice on hand, the cook time for making it lemon rice is in minutes.


  1. 2 tbsp. oil

  2. 2 tbsp. peanuts

  3. 2 tbsp. cashew

  4. 1 tsp mustard seeds

  5. 1 tsp urad dal (black gram/black lentil)

  6. 1 tsp chana dal (split chickpea lentils)

  7. 1 dried red chili

  8. 1 inch ginger, finely chopped

  9. 2 chilies, finely chopped

  10. pinch of hing (asafoetida)

  11. few curry leaves

  12. ¼ tsp turmeric

  13. 2 cup cooked rice

  14. ½ tsp salt

  15. 2 tbsp. coriander, finely chopped

  16. 2 tbsp. lemon juice


  1. first, in a large wok, heat 2 tbsp. oil and roast 2 tbsp. peanut.

  2. also, roast 2 tbsp. cashew until it turns golden brown and crunchy.

  3. keep the fried peanuts and cashews aside.

  4. in the same oil add 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp urad dal (black lentil), 1 tsp chana dal (split chickpea lentil), 1 dried red chili.

  5. also add 1 inch ginger, 2 chilies, pinch of hing (asafoetida) and few curry leaves.

  6. use medium heat

  7. add in ¼ tsp turmeric and sauté slightly.

  8. further, add 2 cup cooked rice and ½ tsp salt.

  9. mix well making sure everything is well combined.

  10. also, add 2 tbsp. coriander and 2 tbsp. lemon juice. mix well.

  11. enjoy lemon rice with yogurt by itself or pair with roasted salmon for a lovely main course.

We will provide more staples and snacks regularly. Till then, we hope you enjoy this preparation. It is one of the most common foods in South India and in this authors opinion, the taste is enough to include it in your diet.

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