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PCOD vs PCOS ? Can Yoga help?

What is Difference between PCOD vs PCOS? Are PCOD and PCOS the same? A lot of women get confused between the two often use terms interchangeably, trying to understand the relation between PCOS and PCOD.

In reality, though conditions are different, in spite of their similarities being related to the ovaries and causing hormonal disturbances. Most people don’t even know! the difference between them is altogether a different thing.

What is PCOD?

Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a condition where the ovaries release a lot of immature or partially-mature eggs which eventually turn into cysts. Some of the common symptoms are abdominal weight gain, irregular periods, male pattern hair loss and infertility. In this condition, the ovaries usually become enlarged and secrete large amounts of androgen that can cause havoc with a woman’s fertility and her body.

What is PCOS?

In women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the ovaries produce higher levels of androgen than usual, which interferes with development and release of the eggs. Some of the eggs develop into cysts, which are the little sacs filled with liquid. Instead of being released during ovulation, these cysts build up in the ovaries and at times even get enlarged.

Does Yoga help to cure PCOD/PCOS?

Yoga and Meditation are two amazing tools to bolster the overall health, well being of both the mind and the body.  Yoga has proved to play an important role in preventing and controlling PCOD. Anything that makes our minds and bodies relax, improves our body’s metabolism and works on boosting the strength of our reproductive organs is a great treatment for PCOS.

A girl forming Seated forward bend Pose as a part of her yoga routine

Seated forward bend Pose

Specifically with regard to PCOS, Yoga has the power to help you lose weight, improve blood circulation to the ovaries and regulate the endocrine glands to balance your hormones . All of which calms and heal both mentally and physically).

A girl performing boat pose as a part of her fitness routine

Boat Pose

The beauty of Yoga is that every Asana concentrates on one or the other part of the body making it very effective in treating specific disorders. Most importantly anyone can do yoga! No matter what size, shape and age, multitudes of women have found it to be the most beneficial form of exercise for the mind, body & spirit. Start your practice today!

a girl performing upward facing dog for a healthy spine

Upward facing dog Pose

a girl performing the Cat Cow Stretch in yoga for a healthy spine and to cure arthritis pain

Cat Cow Stretch

Sitting child pose to cure arthritis Pose

Child Pose

A girl performing Plow Pose as a part of her fitness routine

Plow Pose

A girl doing bow pose as a part of her yoga routine

Bow Pose

You will notice all of these asanas have a focus on the groin/core area. These will help you increase circulation in this area and will also regulate the adrenal gland secretions which will help you in controlling PCOS/PCOD. Remember we mentioned relaxation earlier. Stress is one of the leading aggravators of PCOD/PCOS.

If you practice Prananayama breathing exercises, it will help get rid of the stored stress in your system and reduce PCOD/PCOS symptoms.

Just meditating and emptying the mind regularly will also decrease stress levels and help you in controlling your symptoms.

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