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“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” ― The Bhagavad Gita

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Aantarik Yoga Studio...

That above quote is right out of the Gita. One of the ancient texts available to mankind. It also is the sentiment with which Aantarik Yoga Studio was created. Too much of what is the complexity of Yoga gets ignored in favor of poses and gymnastics. We are here to try and reconnect yoga to its roots and further the body of education regarding this wonderful way of life.

Because that is what Yoga is, a way of life that teaches us perfect harmony with our natural world, and shows us the happiness that comes with capturing the true essence of human joy. The pure joy of being alive as a conscious being that is able to appreciate the complexity in his/her immediate surroundings. The spirituality involved in Yoga comes as a natural realization.

The threefold benefits of Yoga

Physical, Mental ,and Spiritual are one contained package and should be expressed as such. The joy of unrestrained physical movement can only be fully realized by one who has lost such movement. Yoga prevents that, making day to day life a pleasure. The mental strength we develop allows us control over our many desires and builds the self esteem necessary for proper decision making, therefore leading to a happy life. And the spirituality gained allows us to truly be thankful for the miracle of being alive.

The benefits you can gain by being the best version of yourself cannot be overstated. The feeling of self love that it inspires is also best experienced rather than told. It cannot be expressed in a few words on any page. That is the reason Aantarik Yoga Studio exists. To provide a base of knowledge that you can use to make life better, as it should be.

King Pigeon Pose

My Yoga Journey...

Devjani Biswas is a yoga instructor who hails from India and has spent many years immersed in a culture that reveres Yoga. She has years of experience in Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. Also, She is an internationally certified Yoga instructor with a degree from a prestigious institute in Kerala, India. She has additionally, deeply studied the arts of Ayurveda (alternative health sciences), and the practicing of Mudras and Chakras. These have armed her with an intimate knowledge of the body and differing flow of energies within it.

"Yoga has heightened the very quality of my life. It has been a constant source of comfort throughout my ups and downs. I have gained a deep appreciation of the manifold benefits of yoga that go beyond the capabilities of this simple page to describe, and I truly hope to show you the degree of freedom and self love that you are capable of". — Devjani Biswas

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